Hi, my name is Greg Gallegos and I am the loco guy behind Natural Selection Studio (NSS). I live and work in the quaint little village of Haslett, Michigan (which is located right next door to East Lansing). I have enjoyed living in Michigan for ten years now. Before that it was St Louis… and before that it was Los Angeles… and before that… well you get the idea. I have four of the greatest children a father could ask for. Our family also includes two dogs.

Now that you have met me and my inspirations, I would like to tell you a bit about how NSS came into being. Let me begin by explaining to you that my love for wood runs deep… I first fell under its spell in high school. I loved wood shop and the pungent aroma that encompassed it. I experienced a very calm and relaxing feeling during each and every class.

Now, fast forward about ten years. I do not honestly remember what my reasons were for purchasing a wood lathe in 2002, but I did. Without even thinking about it, I dove head first back into wood turning. After coming to the realization that I had truly forgotten everything I learned in school, I stuck my nose into every book and website I could find on the subject and taught myself all over again.

Everyone knows that to be good at anything, one must practice and practice hard. So for the next five years I apprenticed myself to the lathe every day in some way shape or form. Beginning in 2007, I made the most gigantic leap (for me) and started selling my work at local markets in our area. It was a wonderful feeling to experience people’s excitement and appreciation. Now, I’d like to share the good vibes with you!