With the Help of a Little Friend…

Little Ash Pots Everywhere.

Sometimes we need assistance to do what we want, or to do what we envision. So this post is a way for me to explain the process of how these little beauties are made.

Please forgive some of the color here, my good camera has decided to retire. start out with a small block of Ash. Ash is a wonderful wood to work with. Among its many bonuses is that it can be sanded straight away while still being wet. There is quite a lot of figure in this piece. It was cut from the crotch section.

alternate view of the same piece.

Just like that with a little magic…the outside is turned and sanded ready to be hollowed out. You can see the figure much better after sanding…

The size of these pieces can range from 2 or 3 or 4 in. tall by 3 or 4 in. in diameter. Or they can be really small. Those are really fun to do as well.

All hollowed out, the inside then will be sanded.

Okay now after the inside has been sanded…I turn my attention back to the bottom of the piece. It is turned down so that there is just a little nub of wood holding the piece to the lathe. The bottom is then sanded down to match the rest of the piece.

After the bottom is sanded, I literally cut the piece off with the lathe running with a small fingernail gauge. It leaves just a little scraps on the bottom. That will be sanded off later.

Yes, say hello to my little friend. We will call him Mikey (for Microwave) for the purpose of this post. After the piece has been parted off the lathe. It goes straight into Mikey’s big mouth for about a minute depending on the size of the piece. Smaller ones take less time. Always on full power though. Keeping a careful eye on the progress inside( you don’t want it to start burning).

Here is the piece before its drying.

Here is the piece after about a minute and 10 seconds in the microwave. Depending upon a number of different factors, the shape can distort from round to crumpled to oval, to really oval If there is more figure in the piece it will crinkle like paper. After the piece has dried it goes back out to get the bottom sanded down and then have perhaps some color added.

There can be many ways to decorate these pieces.

Some dyed.

Some dyed and burned.

Then of course some will be all natural! These little vessels are very fun and exiting to do. The fact that they don’t take that long is wonderful as well. The process shown in the post takes me about ten minutes, so you really have fun and play with the wood for sure.


3 responses to “With the Help of a Little Friend…

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for a quick lesson on how these little beauties are made, Greg. You are so very talented!

  2. Thanks for sharing, you’re very talented. The “Mikey” technique insures all are unique. Love the burn & dye method. Thanks again, Ginger

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