The Cocoon

I thought I would tackle the cocoon first. I was really hoping for some wild figure…the wood inside was not what I was expecting but never the less it proved to be well worth the effort. How could I even think of treating something as old as this that way. I counted the growth rings and it seems that this burl probably started growing around 1844 to 1846. Just think of the history. Well here is a little insight into what the wood looked like upon opening the cocoon…

A pic of the cocoon pre cutting...although it would have looked just fine like this. We all know that it wouldn't last forever.

I would say it was almost 4ft. long. and about 200 lbs.

This is what the wood looked like after first cutting into it. I was saddened to see there were some might cracks and checks running the length of the piece, but you have to get to making that lemonade outta the lemons ya dig.

roughed out exterior of a piece of the burl, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of beautiful figure in the wood.

The inner bark is pretty thick, but it is really beautiful with really deep furrows, that is what sparked the idea to just leave the bowls really thick and show off both the wood and natural edge.

Its hard to see but the grain lines and figure in the bowl are really nice. The Juniper is a really nice wood to work with.

finished turned and sanded on the inside of the bowl. Waiting to be sanded on the outside.

Finish sanded, now waiting for a final buffing before its off to the oiling department.

All finished and smiling for their family photo. The wood soaks up the oil fast. Beautiful color. I think they really look their age...not in a bad way! Thanks for looking. Until next time....


One response to “The Cocoon

  1. That is really neat! It is interesting to see the beginning to the end pieces. They turned out really good!

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