Goblet Gab (The Finale)

Well lets wrap this up shall we…

As I said before, turning the stem in sections and finishing it as you go will greatly decrease chances of disaster. The stem is very thin and will vibrate quickly. I position my thumb on top of the stem so that it counters the vibration.

So here is the stem and the top of the base of the goblet turned, just a little more sanding and then it time to turn the base.

Turning the base of the goblet is the hardest part of the whole process, but with practice all is easy to overcome. You turn the base just as you tuned the cup of the goblet. Its difficult because your cutting in to the left instead of the right. I take light cuts and work my way down following the curve of the base.

Almost done, as I continue on down. I create a small cone from the remaining wood on the bottom.

I turn my speed down and continue cutting until the goblet is parted off from the nib left attached to the chuck. Now back to the part about having the tail stock supporting the goblet. Once you part off the goblet it will not go anywhere...it will just rest on the little nub of wood left on the chuck. This is it, remove the tail stock and remove your goblet and your done.( Just a quick note, at this stage of the process, your hand is very close to the spinning chuck, be very aware of where your hands are!)

The finished product. I usually rinse the goblet under warm water and get all the slurry off that accumulated from the wet sanding. Then its drying time. It usually takes a couple of days at the most.

They have a great translucent quality to them. Having spread this post out over a little while. I am trying to figure the best way to shoot a video of the process as well. Just as a gauge...having done these for a while, goblets of this size take me about 45 minutes. 30 minutes for smaller and about an hour for larger goblets. Thanks for taking a look. Now its time to think what to do next...




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