Goblet Gab (Part II)

So here we go with part 2…

after the piece has been flipped around and inserted into the jaws its time to hollow the goblets bowl. To retain the bark evenly to give the goblet its natural edge. I start cutting in from the edge with my deep fluted bowl gauge. Once the lip of the bowl is cut and I am satisfied with the shape I finish hollowing the bowl all the way down.

Goblets do offer a little bit of freedom as far as the bowl shape. You can create a deeper bowl or not. Here is the goblet hollowed out ready for some wet sanding...oh boy!

As I said its time for some wet sanding. My method is usually the same. A little tub of water(its hot water actually...I live in Michigan...and its Winter...and my shop is not all that warm.) The sanding process is quick and easy keep the wood wet and work my way through the grits of sandpaper.

Here is an action shot of the sanding process. Easy does it...be careful of the natural edge. (Please understand that this is absolutely messy. If you are not at all interested in getting splattered with wood pulp you might want to reconsider)

All sanded and ready to begin shaping the outside of the goblet. Stay tuned...


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