Goblet Gab (Part I)

The time has come for me to post a little ditty about my process for turning goblets.

I’m currently in the middle of filling some goblet orders so… why not?

‘Goblet Gab’ will be a trilogy of sorts. So, please stay tuned.

Goblets require branch wood and lots of it. Make sure to position the pith off center. (No need for the weakest part of the wood to become the stem.) Mark the center of both top and bottom.

Load up the lathe, don your safety gear and get ready to rumble...

Turn the chuck spigot to maximize the amount of wood to be held by the chuck (and minimize vibration). After the foot is cut, I start about 2 or 3 inches up from that to provide clearance for the last step of the process.

After the 'clearance' room is created, I move up to what will be the top of the goblet. Just remove excess wood that won't be needed and lighten the overall weight for workability's sake. I leave about 1/2" or so at the top to keep the natural edge intact.

Here is the full view of what the roughed out section looks like. You can now begin to see the basic layout and size of the goblet.

Here's a batch of roughed out goblets. I enjoy and prefer working in bulk. Doing so provides wiggle room for mistakes that are bound to happen. Also, by turning them in bulk, I can work on my speed and accuracy.


One response to “Goblet Gab (Part I)

  1. Sweet: Greg should be home in a week, and I’ll drag him over. One of these days you’ll have to come to the farm to walk the woodlots with me to see if you can use anything that I’ve got.

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