The Grotesque Divine

If you’ll remember the Sycamore Root ball from a few posts back…Its fun to actually see how much energy and  tension is in this part of the tree. They always say the the wood near and around the roots is really wild and gnarly. These pieces really show that. They dried real quick too. The color has darkened the wood to a real mysterious grayish tones in places…

the grotesque divine II

Great color and movement

The Grotesque Divine

Its amazing to see what the final shape will be after they dry...


2 responses to “The Grotesque Divine

  1. Hi! I just wanted to give you some good feedback for what you are doing. Your work is utterly beautiful. I have my eye on a few pieces you have done – especially the more organic tall vessels or the sycamore pair.. ! They are lovely.

    Great work!

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