The Pirates Booty!!!

“Last week was quite busy… but on my Wednesday birthday, I received a response to a Craigslist email for free wood. I set up the wood hauling for the next day and arrived to find a really nice black ash trunk about 15 feet tall and 2.5 feet in diameter. Halfway through the job I realized I needed a new chain for the chainsaw and began the wild goose chase to find one. My last stop was Midwest Power Equipment on Jolly Road in Okemos. Not only did I get a new chain, but it was a Stihl chain for my Husqvarna saw… custom made and cheaper than anywhere else! (Go figure). Wow what a difference a nice chain makes. It made the job soooo much easier. It took about 6 hours to cut everything into manageable chunks and get it all home.  I am thinking big bowls… More to come soon!”

There is some really nice color here!

This might be the first time I have had a good amount of really solid wood. I usually am fighting with the rotten and dead trunks.

I really enjoy the heartwood here, great color and patterning. I am always excited to be able to get new wood and turn it. Very euphoric!!!


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