Sycamore Root Burl and a Big Bump on the Head!!!

Hi There,

So one day the thought occurred to me that I should really try and take a look at the stump left behind from the Sycamore tree in the yard. Thinking maybe there was still some good wood in there. So here is the little story of how sometimes there really is blood, sweat and tears put into my pieces. Enjoy….and stayed tuned for the follow up.


Amazing tree, still trying to grow. These suckers brought about an idea that there might be some real interesting grain in that stump.

A close up of the suckers after trimming. Showing me what might lie underneath.

My thinking was that there could be some real great burl figuring in the wood. There is usually some fantastic figure in root systems of trees.

There was quite a bit of suckers on the stump. It always seems that way when you have to cut them all off!

Of course you knew that all the dirt had to be dug away from the stump right? This is where the sweat comes from.

Digging dirt out from around a stump is like stirring a bucket full of rocks...its just not fun!

So this is where the blood...and the bump on the head come into play. Do you see the black chisel that looks like its broken. Imagine a 5 foot iron handle attached where its broken off. The chunk of wood was being stubborn and I thought I would be smart and just pop it off. It really didn't pop off....well something did pop but it was the handle off the end of the breaker bar. Wouldn't you know it, the handle came back and hit me right on the top of the head. Then this is where the tears come into the story...not the crying tears but the eyes watering kind. After a few moments of dazed confusion I got back at it.

So finally the piece have been extracted from the stump and they are on the lathe.

The pieces did show quite a bit of nice grain.

Sycamore is known for showing some real pinkish color when its freshly cut. Its too bad the color doesn't stick around after it dries.

These pieces where very wet and filled with voids with soil and itty bitty rocks...

More of the pinkish color...

The second piece is almost ready to be flipped around and for some more turning...

There is some real swirls in this piece...if I had only known what this would have meant...

So hear we have the front two pieces which are the root burl pieces. Take a good hard look...they are finished now and they do not look anything like this anymore!


2 responses to “Sycamore Root Burl and a Big Bump on the Head!!!

  1. Hi!

    I’ve been admiring your creations on ETSY for a while… beautiful! Thank you for the “behind the scenes” peek. Anything on YouTube? It would be cool to see you work your magic.

    In your “New Stuff and a Bad Back” there is a vase with a white(ish) top… will you be listing that one for sale on ETSY?


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