New Stuff and a Bad Back

So a week ago I was shopping with the parents and family. We went into a sporting goods store and we saw a very good deal on an elliptical machine.  So my dad asks me to lift it up(with a handle on the back and wheels on the front).  Needless to say I lifted it no problem…it was heavy but it lifted. Fast forward 2 days with some aspirin and a heating pad later. My back, my back…I have really never hurt my back like that before. You may be asking what in the wide world of woodturning this has to do with anything? Well It has forced me to go box diving and pick through my boxes of dried blanks and roughed out pieces. Since there was no way I was getting into my chainsaw for a little while.  It’s not a bad thing though, I have found some pretty interesting things gathering dust. A couple of pieces of Maple burl!, box elder, and some apple vessels.  So the moral of the story is be careful and lift with the legs, and put away pieces for a later date.  I have some pics of my secret stashes….

This is what is left after I picked through a box I had of smaller vessels that were roughed out ...mostly apple,box elder, some maple burl, and spalted was fun to go through.

Some extremely figure Box Elder pieces...these were offcuts from big burled logs...

underneath a table is where smaller offcuts from burls and highly figured wood go...until I think they need to resurface....

boxes of roughed out ash, black walnut, cherry and Catalpa...

more odds and ends from the boxes below....That is a big Spalted Box Elder Bowl in the back...

More stuff on the floor...unfortunately the large yew chunk in the front on the left did not make was mildly upsetting!

Here are some finished pieces, there is a nice range of different kinds of wood here. Apple, Maple burl, box elder, mulberry, black cherry.

A little makes you wonder what else is in the shop gathering dust just waiting to be discovered.


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