Reuse and Renew…

Sorry for being lacks in my postings lately. I have been busy, busy, busy. Anyways enough with the excuses. Today I am talking about Yew root balls. On Monday the 1st, I was working at about 9 in the morning and my youngest son came in to the shop and said he heard a chainsaw! ( Unfortunately all of us here have ears that are fined tuned to pick up on the slightest sound that might be a chainsaw. Of course I always get that strange look from the children when I hear a chainsaw.)  My son came back and said that it was just 2 houses down but they were just cutting some small bushes…Bushes you say.  I wondered over and saw a landscaping crew digging up some stumps. I asked the crew leader if I could possibly take the stumps off there hands and he said…sure.  There were 5 stumps in the ground and 2 bushes that had been pulled out…So now I have 7 stumps to work with. I certainly do not mind to the work that goes into getting wood like this. So after getting all the stumps home. It was time to wash them up as best as we could(dirt and rocks do not treat tools well).  So here are some pics of 2 of the stumps and there process.

The stumps look great after its off to the cutting block and trimming them down to workable chunks!

With wood like this I try and not throw any of it away. All of the trimmings off the stumps will go into this basket for now. They will stay here for a while. More than likely they will become little vessels, maybe some small goblets.

After they are all trimmed they go back to get another washing, its always best to try and get all the dirt off before you start turning.

Piece mounted on the lathe ready to be turned...Even after all the washing its inevitable that you are going to have some small dirt and rocks in the small crevices.

Piece roughed out with spigot on the bottom for the chuck.The 4 chunks roughed out and ready to get hollowed out.

Because of all the very small rocks and dirt. They took a while with a lot of tool sharpening. Extremely worth it though. The colors and grain. Will follow up with the finishing later.


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