Natural Edge Vessel…Part I

I am finally getting caught up so now I can get some photos of some actual pieces going. This is just a small natural edge vessel.

I started with this half log and marked through the pith and drew some rough outlines of the pieces.

The rough chunks after cutting...

The rough chunk mounted between centers...the idea behind the piece is the hope that the bark will be retained on the top and along the side.

The piece has been roughed to a cylinder with the tenon turned for the chuck...

The piece is now held by the tenon in the chuck...ready to get the final shape...

different view with bark still visible on top and side...

roughed out shape...with some dark heartwood still visible on one side...a nice contrast.

action shot of the piece turning at 2000 can see the wall thickness through the open side of the vessel...this is actually a great way to learn how to turn hollow turnings. You can really see what your doing and see your wall thickness.

piece finished to turn the piece around and turn the bottom a little more and turn a smaller spigot on the bottom...

smaller spigot has been turned on the bottom...the piece will sit for a bit and dry out, and then we will follow up with sanding and finishing...


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